Curriculum Vitae

Since 2012 Service scientist at the AWI branch of the HGF-MPG Group for Deep Sea Ecology and Technology.
The focus of the current work is on project coordination and management, and is centered around ocean observation and the monitoring of effects of global change and anthropogenic impacts (e.g, EU H2020 ‘AtlantOS‘, EU FP7 ‘FixO3’, JPIO / BMBF ‘MiningImpact’, HGF infrastructure program ‘FRAM’).
2004-2012 Post Doc at the MPI in Bremen. Research concentrated on the in situ quantification of advective porewater exchange and its impact on sediment biogeochemistry and contaminant retention. Investigations within the EU FP6 projects COSA ("Coastal Sands as Biocatalytical Filters") and ECODIS ("Dynamic sensing of chemical pollution disasters and predictive modeling of their spread and ecological impact") took place at North Sea and Baltic Sea sites as well as fluvial sites. 
1999-2004 Ph.D. in the Lander Group at the MPI in Bremen. The study was centered around porewater advection in sandy shelf sediments and its consequences for organic matter mineralization. Investigations were performed in situ and included chamber incubations as well as measurements of small scale surface topography and bottom water flow.
1999 Diploma in biological oceanography and zoology at the University of Kiel (Germany). Scientific work was carried out in the department of Marine Environmental Geology at Geomar as part of the international research program BIGSET (Biogeochemical Transport of Matter and Energy in the Deep Sea). The study focused on scavenger assemblages in the deep Arabian Sea, and was based on in situ experimentation with autonomous instruments ("Landers").


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