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04.01.2016 Ultrapac: Across the Pacific Ocean

Jan 4, 2016
Happy New Year from S 23°30' W 110°00'
News from the Sonne crew have arrived.
Clara writes:

Happy New Year from the UltraPac-Team!

Being one of our New Year's resolutions to have a nine meter long gravity core full of seafloor sediment on deck, our New Year's Eve sampling was a great success. You'll learn more on the What and Why in an upcoming post...
Even if a bit jealous for missing a snowy start of the year, we do still enjoy a bright sun and temperatures over 25ºC. The water is so still and calm that it allows to see the clouds' reflections on it, and so clear that we can distinguish the up-casting CTD-rosette from a depth of 50 metres. As we watch it rise, silver figures swimming in circles catch our eyes,
and we interpret them as fish; how big or how deep away, we cannot tell. As if to clear out doubts, later during the day a puffer-fish makes its appearance under the sea surface to curiously examine the pump-CTD. Checking if it there's something eatable about it, it lingers around, totally relaxed. Nutrient poor as they can be, we are definitely not alone in these waters!

Clara Martinez Perez
Checking the gravity core
Our New Year's guest, the puffer fish
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Clara Martinez Perez
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Position reported on January 4, 2016

S 23°30' W 110°00'
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