New AP-SMALDI-5AF laser ion source installed

Jul 23, 2021

A new laser ion source was installed in our lab. With the brand new AP-SMALDI-5AF we are able to do routine measurements at spatial resolution down to 5 µm. Additionally we increase measurement speed and sample throughput up to ten fold if a lower mass resolution is acceptable. 


Three dimensional samples are no longer a problem, via laser autofocus the topography of the sample can be recorded along metabolic information. We are looking forward to generate exciting new data with our new source in the symbiosis department!

Janine Beckmann and Dennis Jakob evaluating the first new high-resolution datasets. © Patric Bourceau MPI
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Besides higher spatial resolution and higher sample throughput our new MALDI-MSI source allows us to record 3D-topology of samples. © Patric Bourceau, MPI Bremen
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