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Painting pictures for Young and Old: Marine colouring pages

Marine colouring pages

These colouring pages were created in times of the Corona-contact restrictions to bring a bit of ocean to our homes.
But fortunately, colouring always works ...

That's why here you find here some colouring pages that the graphic artist and illustrator Alina Esken has designed for us. Discover life in a drop of water, dive down to hot vents in the deep sea, travel to Helgoland and the North Sea beach or get to know the kingfishers that sometimes visit us at the institute – and let them shine in all their colourful glory. Let's go - get the colours out!

1. Life in a drop of water
2. ROV MARUM-Quest in the deep sea
3. On the beach
4. Helgoland, island in the North Sea
5. Kingfishers

Coloring pages for Children: marine coloring pages, by Alina Esken

Scientific colouring pages

These coloring pages by our scientist Niko Leisch are based on electron microscopic images of the animal Trichoplax adhaerens and a worm called Eubostrichus fertilis.

Trichoplax is a small inhabitant of the seven seas with a see-through body the shape of a pancake. What it does, nobody knows. We suspect though, that its main purpose is to baffle and confuse scientists.

Eubostrichus fertilis is a tiny  worm, living in shallow waters surrounding Caribbean islands. What you see on the image are croissant-shaped bacteria that live on the skin of the worm and provide it with food. They attach with both tips to the worm, which in turn makes the worm look like a braided rope when looked at up close.

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