Research Projects

Current projects

Since 2014 HGF FRAM - Frontiers in Arctic marine monitoring
Since 2013 EU SenseOCEAN - Creating a highly integrated multifunctional and cost-effective in situ marine biogeochemical sensor system
Since 2012 HGF ROBEX - Robotic exploration of extreme environments
Since 2012 MARUM - Center for Marine Environmental Sciences - Project GB3 - Contribution of cold seeps to geological processes, carbon fluxes, and ecosystem diversity
Since 2009 HAUSGARTEN - Deep-sea long-term Observatory: Biodiversity and functioning of polar deep-sea ecosystems
Since 2008 EMSO - European multidisciplinary seafloor observatory


Previous projects

2011-2014 EU ECO2 - Sub-seabed CO2 Storage: Impact on Marine Ecosystems
2010-2013 EU Eurofleets - Towards an Alliance of European Research Fleets
2009-2013 ITN SENSEnet- International Sensor Development Network
2009-2012 EU HERMIONE - Hotspot Ecosystem Research and Man's Impact on European Seas
2009-2011 EU HYPOX - In situ monitoring of oxygen depletion in hypoxic ecosystems of coastal and open-seas, and land-locked water bodies
2007-2011 ESONET NOE - European Seas Observatory Network
2009-2012 MARUM - Research area geo-biosphere interactions; Project GB5: Linking benthic fluxes and ecology of the ocean floor
2007-2012 DFG-Cluster of Excellence (MARUM) Research Area "F2 Geofuel inventory and utilization"
2005-2007 DFG Research Center Ocean Margins (RCOM) – Research Area: Seepage of fluids and gases
2002-2009 EU-HERMES Hotspot Ecosystem Research on the Margins of European Seas
2005-2007 DFG-Priority Program SPP 1144: From Mantle to Ocean: Energy-, Material-, and Life-Cycles at Spreading Axes
2005-2008 Geotechnology project MUMM_2 (Methane in the GeoBio-system – turnover, metabolism, and microorganisms
2004-2007 MarTech - The virtual institute for development of Marine Technologies (HGF-special program Impuls- und Vernetzungsfonds)
2003-004 EU-Project EXOCET/D - EXtreme ecosystem studies in the deep OCEan: Technological Developments
2003-2005 EU-project COSA (Costal Sands as Biocatalytical Filters)
2000 SNF project CAMP (Change in Arctic Marine Production)
1999-2000 BMBF project BIGSET (Biogeochemical Transport of Mater and Energy in the Deep Sea)
1996-2001 DFG-Special Research Project SFB261 "The South Atlantic in the Late Quaternary: Reconstruction of Material Budget and Current System"; Subproject: Processes and fluxes in sediment/porewater - systems


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