Flow Cytometry

What is Flow Cytometry?

Gen­e­ral­ly speaking, flow cy­to­metry is the mea­su­re­ment of sin­gle cells in a wa­ter jet.

We use flow cy­to­metry rou­ti­nely to quan­ti­fy cell numbers in pi­co­plank­ton sam­ples and cell cul­tu­res. Fluorescent pig­ments like chlo­ro­phyll and ca­ro­te­no­ids cha­rac­te­ris­tic for ma­ri­ne cya­no­bac­te­ria and mi­cro­al­gae are de­tec­ted as well as fluo­re­scent dyes spe­ci­fic for DNA, pro­te­ins and other cel­lu­lar com­pounds of mi­cro­or­ga­nisms like cell membranes. Fur­ther, cells mee­ting pre­de­fi­ned pro­per­ties can be sor­ted with high speed in high purity for fur­ther molecular biological ana­ly­sis.

More information on flow cytometry can be found => here

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