Zeiss LSM 780 with Airyscan and ELYRA PS.1

The instrument is equipped with a motorized, inverted microscope stand, four different lasers, and a spectral GaAsP detector array. The four lasers allow the excitation of all fluorescent dyes common in microbiological applications.

The Airyscan detector upgrade of year 2017 could either enhance the lateral confocal resolution up to 140 nm or allows for much faster image acquisition at standard resolution and quality.

The LSM 780 is combined with the superresolution system ELYRA PS.1. It includes the techniques Superresolution Structured Illumination (SR-SIM) and Photoactivated Localization Microscopy (PALM) as well as related techniques, e.g., direct stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (dSTORM).

Comparison LSM Airyscan SR-SIM
© A.Ellrott / MPI MM
MPI-Bremen, LSM 780 /Airyscan / ELYRA PS.1
© A. Ellrott / MPI MM


SR-SIM can be applied to nearly any microscopic preparation, suitable for CLSM. The lateral resolution of SR-SIM is nearly doubled to approx. 100 nm.

PALM can provide a lateral resolution of up to 20 nm. Please contact the responsible personnel before starting the experiment. Suitable fluorochromes and a special microscopic preparation are needed.



A personal introduction to the system is mandatory for every new user. The introduction will be given by Andreas Ellrott or Katrin Knittel on request. In addition to the safety reason it will provide a deeper inside into the system and software, in order to get not only ‘nice’ but nice and scientific correct images.


Start, Standby and Shutdown of the system.

Proposal form for external users.


On default the images are stored in the zeiss format. ZEN lite is a free of charge program to work with the images on any pc.
>> ZEN lite at www.zeiss.de


Reservation CLSM


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Andreas Ellrott


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