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Science IT Coordination

Service and support

The Science IT aims to create a bioinformatics environment at the Max Planck Institut for Marine Microbiology that helps researchers to achieve high-quality analysis for their precious data without investing too much time in administrative tasks. Therefore, WIT wants to build "bioinformatics bridges" between the scientific data and the big data computational environment in the backend.

Bioinformatics is a dynamic research area, and changes in methods and databases can have a significant impact on scientific results. At the moment, WIT is too small to handle all bioinformatics needs of the MPI-MM, but it can provide an information flow from extern resources to the groups. It also helps to conserve precious knowledge of PhD-students and Postdocs to make it available for the group even after a personal change and helps bioinformatics starters to get fast access to the knowledge needed for their research analysis.

Major principles of the bioinformatics culture of the MPI-MM are communication, sharing, and helping. Building masterminds is one of the most significant achievements of scientific societies and help to reduce the amount of time to invent and interpret the wheel several times. The WIT highly recommends the fair use of resources other members provide. WIT is looking forward to creating a productive environment for bioinformatics beginners and experts likewise.

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